Books read during 2021

Tracking the books I read in 2021:

Managed to finish a good number of books this year. 

The Ember War – Richard Fox

The Ruins of Anthalas – Richard Fox

Eternal Core – Gage Lee

Ready Player 2 – Ernest Cline

Hell Divers 7 – Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Knife Edge – Empire Corps Book 17 – Christopher G Nuttall

Holy Ground – Evan Currie

Light the Way – Richard Fox

USS Hamilton – Ironhold Station – Mark Wayne McGinnis

Blood of Heroes – Richard Fox

Earth Defiant – Richard Fox

The Gardens of Nibiru – Richard Fox

The Battle of the Void – Richard Fox

The Halls of Montezuma – Empire Corps Book 18 – Christopher G Nuttall

Starship Mage(Starship’s Mage Book 1) – Glynn Stewart

Hand of Mars(Starship’s Mage Book 2) – Glynn Stewart

Voice of Mars(Starship’s Mage Book 3) – Glynn Stewart

Alien Arcana(Starship’s Mage Book 4) – Glynn Stewart

Judgement of Mars(Starship’s Mage Book 5) – Glynn Stewart

Unarcana Stars(Starship’s Mage Book 6) – Glynn Stewart

Sword of Mars(Starship’s Mage Book 7) – Glynn Stewart

Mountain of Mars(Starship’s Mage Book 8) – Glynn Stewart

Project Hail Mary – Andy Weir

The service of Mars(Starship’s Mage Book 9) – Glynn Stewart

A Darker Magic(Starship’s Mage Book 10) – Glynn Stewart

Interstellar Mage(Starship’s Mage: Red Falcon Book 1) – Glynn Stewart

Mage-Provocateur(Starship’s Mage: Red Falcon Book 2) – Glynn Stewart

Agengs of Mars(Starship’s Mage: Red Falcon Book 3) – Glynn Stewart

Armageddon (Expeditionary Force Book 8) – Craig Alanson

Valkyrie (Expeditionary Force Book 9) – Craig Alanson

Critical Mass (Expeditionary Force Book 10) – Craig Alanson

Brushfire (Expeditionary Force Book 11) – Craig Allison

Breakaway (Expeditionary Force Book 12) – Craig Allison

The Martian – Andy Weir

Starlight Enclave – R.A. Salvatore

E-Day – Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Mage Commander (Starship’s Mage Book 11) – Glynn Stewart

The Halls of Montezuma(The Empire Corps Book) – Christopher G Nuttall

Starlight Enclave(Book 1 of the Way of the Drow) – R. A. Salvatore

Fighting for the Crown(Ark Royal Book 16) – Christopher G. Nuttall

Omega Force: To Hell and Back (Omega Force 13) – Joshua Dalzelle

Avenging Home – A. American

Home Invasion – A. American

Conflicted Home – A. American

Enforcing Home – A. American

Resurrecting Home – A. American

Forsaking Home – A. American

Hell Divers 8(Kingdom of the Wastes) – Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Destroyer (The Void Wraith Saga Book 1) – Chris Fox

Void Wraith (The Void Wraith Saga Book 2) – Chris Fox

Eradication (The Void Wraith Saga Book 3) – Chris Fox

Behind the Lines (The Void Wraith Saga Book 4) – Chris Fox

Hold The Line (The Void Wraith Saga Book 5) – Chris Fox

Press The Line (The Void Wraith Saga Book 6) – Chris Fox

E-Day II: Burning Earth – Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Band of Brothers – Stephen E. Ambrose

Home Coming – A. American

Planes of Fame A6M5 Zero

Planes of Fame flew their Zero a few weeks ago, unfortunately the day was overcast and foggy and the aerial images weren’t the best. I took a few of it on the ground and did the best I could with those in the air. This is a famous zero that has been in movies and has the honor of being the last original one. The day was very hazy, but I was out there with my A9ii and 200-600 with 1.4x tele extender. I ended up using quite a bit of dehaze in Lightroom to get the shots to look anywhere near decent. Beautiful plane would have loved for the day to have been better.

2021 Props and Hops Beer Festival

This past weekend I attended the Props and Hops festival down at the Palm Springs Air Museum. What more could you ask for beer and warbirds. I didn’t take my full camera kit as we were only in one part of the museum. However I did mess around with some shots during the festival with my iPhone. Being up close with an F-14 Tomcat was kind of nice. Also the beer was really good to, need to make some more trips down to desert as there are some nice places.

OperationalError: (‘08001’, ‘[08001] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server]Client unable to establish connection (0) (SQLDriverConnect)’) with pyodbc on Mac OS x

I was getting the following weird error when running pyodbc on my Mac and trying to connect to my Windows Database:

  • OperationalError: ('08001', '[08001] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server]Client unable to establish connection (0) (SQLDriverConnect)')

Using the wonderful powers of Google I came across this article:

Following the information from JH88:

brew install openssl@1.1

# you might need to delete the old symlink first
# rm /usr/local/opt/openssl

ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/openssl@1.1/1.1.1l /usr/local/opt/openssl

I still wasn’t getting it to work, turns out Brew had installed version 1.1.1l_1 on my machine so I needed to do the following:

rm /usr/local/opt/openssl

ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/openssl@1.1/1.1.1l_1 /usr/local/opt/openssl

After that quick fix everything started working correctly again.

2021 Pacific Airshow

This year I was able to go to the Pacific Airshow in Huntington Beach. These are some of the shots from Saturday at the 2021 Pacific Airshow before the oil slick caused it be canceled. I wish the airshow hadn’t gotten canceled, but I understand the issue and why it was. I was shooting from the beach with my A9ii and the 200-600 lens. I think next year I will try shooting from the pier along with the beach on the multiple days. It should make for an interesting shoot. The sun was rough for some of the shots because it was directly behind the planes.

B-29 Flying Fortress

Doc one of only two flying B-29s was visiting Yanks Air Museum over the weekend. I tried to go out on Sunday and shoot it as it was giving rides to people that had paid, but unfortunately there was a cloud cover which kept them delaying it and delaying it. Finally when it went up I wasn’t there, I was lucky enough though to grab a couple of stills of it flying over my house on its way back to the airport. Shot with the A9ii and the 200-600 lens. Post processed in Lightroom with a slight amount of cropping to center the plane. Shot at 1/200.

Schnauzer at play

A9ii with the 100-600 shooting at 1/1000 to capture the dog in action. It was late in the day so the sun had set which allowed her face to show. I ran the pictures through Topaz Denoise to clean them up and make them look better. Pretty happy with how they came out, could have done more to make them a little less noisy.

Veeam Warning 1327 while doing upgrade to version 11.x

I was upgrading the veeam environment to version 11 and I was getting an error when trying to do the upgrade. At some point the main hard drive for the install had been changed and there were registry entries for Veeam that were causing issues with the upgrade. The error I was getting was:

Warning 1327.Invalid Drive H:

Really not an informative error. I searched through Google and couldn’t find anything aside from some references to checking the configuration. After doing that I wasn’t able to find anything I ended up having to go through the registry and all of the Veeam entries and finding one reference for Veeam pointing to the H:. Really painful and you would think they could make this error a little easier to find.