Brea 8k Review

This weekend I ran the Brea 8k. I had seen flyers for the race while I was in the “A Snails Pace” running store. 8k seemed like a weird distance, but the race was on a weekend that I didn’t have anything going so I signed up for it.

This morning however as I got up for the race I was really tired and was thinking about skipping it and staying home to sleep. I am glad that I didn’t for several reasons:

  1. A heck of a lot of people ran this race, this wasn’t some small town race.
  2. The course is a lot of fun, there are quite a few hills both up and down.
  3. The food at the end of the race was a real treat. All of the food vendors at the end were a welcome retreat.
  4. Lots of kids and people with dogs run the race.

The race started at 7:30am with the Master’s version of the 8k, not sure what that means. It was a USATF event, and the runners who did the masters race were all done before we started at 8am. I only wish I had the speed at which they run. We cheered them on as they ran past us before our start.

For the rest of us mere mortals the race started out at 8am and we took off. The race runs through the streets of Brea, they only had mile markers at 2miles, 5k, and 4miles. Otherwise we were on our own to figure out our distance and such. There had to be several thousand people running the race, but the course really didn’t bunch up except for at the beginning. The course was fun the hills were tough going up and the down was a welcome relief.

By far the best part of this course is the finish line at the Brea Mall. As you go across the finish line you are then redirected into the food court. This food court had a wonderful assortment of food from Rubio’s, BJ’s, Slaters 50/50, Corner Bakery, Subway, Nothing Bundt Cake, and Ralphs. I think there were a few more, but by the time I visited all of these vendors I was full and ready for a nap. In most cases the food was made fresh and while it wasn’t a whole meal it was a good portion to get a taste of the different vendors.

After I was done stuffing my face I was finally able to check my phone and see my pace/time, I was really impressed with 10:30/miles. I just need to see what the official time says when they post it later in the day. It was by far my best race pace for a long distance. Next year I will definitely plan on doing this race again and won’t dread getting up in the morning as I go to run the race.

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