Laguna Hills Half Marathon

On Memorial Day I ran the Laguna Hills Half Marathon supporting the USMC. This was a race I had signed up for just because I needed a half marathon before the summer. I didn’t realize the amount of military support that was going to be there or the significance of the race to the military bases around the area. The race is actually a 5k/10k/Half everyone starts at the same time. During the race the 5k and 10k runners end up taking turns that lead them off the course and the half marathon people keep on running. I don’t spend a lot of time in Laguna Hills so I had no idea what to expect on the course. Needless to say when a town has the world hills in it’s name you should expect quite a few of them. The elevation change wasn’t dramatic overall, but the majority of the course was spent running uphill or downhill. I managed to complete my best time for a half marathon, which is lucky considering the past couple of months had been spent nursing my foot back to health and not getting in as much training as I would have liked.

They used gemini timing for the race which gave us these reusable timing chips. I think they are a lot better and a lot less wasteful than a lot of the ones that are used.

Overall I liked the race, didn’t like the hills. I will probably do it again next year since it wasn’t very expensive and running hills is a good thing, right?

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