Darpa Robotics Challenge

On Saturday I took the child to go and see the Darpa Robotics Challenge over at the Fairplex in Pomona. I have to say it was a great show considering it only cost us for parking and then everything was free inside. There was so many things that were interactive and my son could play with. He was able to test out some underwater drones along with some aerial ones. We watched a little bit of the challenge and got to see the MIT Cheetah run a little on the course. My son wants to be an Engineer(not network), with an emphasis on Robotics so this was a great thing for him to see and get to interact with. As you entered into the expo area, DARPA had a huge showing of all of the stuff they have done over the time. It is really amazing to see what a dedicated bunch of people can accomplish when they aren’t hampered by bureaucracy.


Below are just some of the pics I shot while I was there and looking around with my iphone.

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