Cowfish Restuarant

Cowfish Restuarant Sign
Cowfish Restuarant Sign

While on vacation last month we went to a Restuarant in Universal Orlando called cowfish. This is a unique place that servers raw fish and beef together. I am not a huge fan of beef, but I am a huge fan of raw fish. My wife had been to this place before while in Raleigh NC. This was my first experience with it. The upside is the menu is very close to the other places. The downside is that this restaurant isn’t ran by cowfish, but by Universal Orlando. So they don’t carry all of the same things such as the full menu or the gift shop. The food was good we had the following items and would highly recommend them.

Crispy calamari


Tuna & avocado-tini

Doug’s filet roll

Hopefully on one of my next trips to NC I can hit up one of the actual cowfish restaurants. Then again hopefully they will decide to being this place out to California.  I think a place like this could do very well.

My Family posing with the Cowfish:

Family with Cowfish
Family with Cowfish

Here are the signs for their bathrooms which I thought were pretty funny.

Men's Restuarant Woman's Restuarant

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