Installing pyodbc on a mac

After installing pyodbc onto my linux server that runs my scripts I needed to create my development environment on my mac so I could develop the scripts and then transfer them over. I went through a couple of websites to put together my steps:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

brew update

brew install unixodbc freetds

Pip install pyodbc

Nurtured by Nature and swimming with Otters

I’ve wanted to do this for several years now. This company Nurtured by Nature has otter swims where you get in the water and get to play with otters. So for Christmas I made reservations for the three of us to go down and do this. It was everything I hoped it would be and was a great time. Here are some of the shots from the GoPro that I was holding during the encounter. I have video, but that is going to take some time to go through.G0026086G0025998G0026121G0026110G0025945G0025920G0025909G0026354G0025952

Bird shooting at the Santa Ana River Trail

Sunday was super windy with gusts up to 50mph, I decided not to ride my bicycle, but go out and do some shooting along the Santa Ana River Trail. For those that don’t know this is a 50 mile long path that goes along the Santa Ana River from San Bernardino through Riverside, and Orange Counties. It ends up at Huntington Beach. After shooting at Bolsa Chica a few weeks ago I wanted to go and work on my bird photography so I set out just after sun rise and started to shoot. I had some hits and quite a few misses. While I had the wind to my back, the sun was off to the side and I needed to find a way to get the sun behind me. A lot of my shots were dark and I couldn’t get a catch light in the birds eyes because the sun was on the other side of them and me. I drove up and down along the river and got out at a couple of places to take shots. Below are some of the keepers from the day, the misses have gone to the bit bucket at this point. Just wanted to capture some things that I need to do better and need to be more cognizant.

I parked at the Yorba Regional Park and paid the 5 bucks for it. There are some nice ponds in here that the birds will stay at so it made for a nice place to start the trek, it also provides convenient bathrooms and other luxuries, vs the rest of the places I went.



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Giving up my 100 days of code

So I am 20 days into my 100 days of code and I am going to stop going through the class I was taking on Udemy. I have finally gotten to a point where a lot of the modules they are trying to have me use aren’t working and I am spending more time troubleshooting their stuff than I am actually learning. So now I am going to start my own exercises and continue my learning on my own. I am going to try and cherry pick some of the courses in the class that still work, but will end up refining my code with what I have already learned and trying to put some the practices into place to improve my code. I will also work on automating more of the functions that need to be automated in my environment. In all I am frustrated by the fact that I could complete the Udemy course, but thankful for the few things that I have learned.

Script to update Address entries in Fortigate

With our VPN being over utilized I had to implement split tunneling on our vpn. However there are some web services that require a known IP address to access. Unfortunately these services are on AWS which the IP address changes often. I built this script to lookup the addresses and then update the Fortigate firewalls VPN Routing list to make sure that the traffic goes over the vpn tunnel and through our known IP address to access the service.


#Update Epsilon on the Fortigate Firewall VPNs

from nslookup import Nslookup
from netmiko import ConnectHandler
import cred

device1 = {
    “host”: cred.hostname,
    “username”: cred.rancid_username,
    “password”: cred.rancid_password,
    “device_type”: “fortinet”,
    “secret”: cred.rancid_password,

#Connect to the Fortinet
net_connect = ConnectHandler(**device1)

#Listing of the domains to query
DOMAIN_FILE = open(“domains.txt”, “r”)
#DNS Server to query
DNS_SERVER = [‘x.x.x.x’]

    #queries the specified dns server to get the info for the urls and writes the data to a config file
    dns_query = Nslookup(dns_servers=(DNS_SERVER))
    ips_record = dns_query.dns_lookup(line)
        for x in ips_record.answer:
            FILE_CONFIG.write(“edit ” + line + “_” + str(ORDERNUMBER) + ‘\n’)
            FILE_CONFIG.write(“set subnet ” + x + ”″ +’\n’)
            FILE_CONFIG.write(“next” +’\n’)


FILE_CONFIG = open(‘config.txt’,’w’)
FILE_CONFIG.write(“config firewall address” +’\n’)

for line in DOMAIN_FILE:
line = line.rstrip(‘\n’)

FILE_CONFIG.write(“end” +’\n’)


# write to the Fortigate
output2 = net_connect.send_config_from_file(config_file=”config.txt”)