P-40 Warhawk flyover at Planes of Fame

Saturday Planes of Fame did another one of their flyovers. This time it was their war tested P-40 Warhawk that had seen in action in WW2. They took the plane up and did a couple of passes over the crowd.

Andree Clark Bird Refuge

A few weeks ago we were up in Santa Barabara for a vacation so I went over to the Bird Refuge in the morning to do some shooting. It was an overcast day so I was up at some pretty high ISOs. However I was able to catch some of the tern’s doing their morning feedings. It was cool to watch them go across the water and eat. I edited the shots in Lightroom and then took them into Topaz to correct for the noise.

Joshua Tree Astrophotography 8-7-21

Found a weekend after the new moon to go out and shoot the Milky Way. Figured this would be my last trip out for the year until I had to wait until next year to do it again. It was a clear night and the Milky Way was beautiful in the sky. I was surprised to see the number of people that were out there also doing photography. I am pretty happy with how the shots came out, the only issue being Palm Springs in the distance and that everything was sitting on top of that glow. I might try to do a light filter next year.


Last of the shots from the hummingbirds in my backyard from the last week. I decided to get rid of my feeder as I just can’t see feeding non hummingbirds and they were consuming most of the feeder. The poor hummingbirds were not able to get to anything. It was fine while it lasted, may be I will do it again next year.

Corsair F4U-1A

Planes of Fame flew their Corsair F4U-1A over a couple of days last week. It was nice to see the plane up in the air, took some pictures of it and then edited them in Lightroom. Still out practicing getting ready for the first airshows of the season that will be coming up soon. Rally excited for Airshows to be happening again and looking forward to being out seeing the planes fly.

Additional Astrophotography in Joshua Tree

Went back over the 4th of July weekend to take some shots. Unfortunately the cloud cover caused the shots to not be perfect. However I think there are some good ones that I was fairly happy with it. I did some additional edits to them to make them look a little better and take out some of the highlights and fix some of the issues that I did see in them. All shot with the my Sony A7Riv and the 16-35 F4 lens.

Topaz Denoise AI is wonderful

On a chance I purchased the Topaz Denoise plugin for Lightroom. I have to say I am very happy with what it has done so far for me. I was out shooting this weekend in low light at the Bolsa Chica Reserve. It meant I was going to have some high iso shots so I am really looking forward to going through and fixing some of these shots and making them look even better. Here’s an example of an ISO 10000 shot that I did, the original isn’t bad, but it is noisy. I ran it through Topaz and chose the clear option and it looks so much better.