The Passing of our sweet dog Sydney

On 7/9/20 we lost our beautiful girl Sydney. She went years before her time as she was only 10 at the time. She started to have seizures a week before and we had her on medication, but we believe she had a brain tumor as it’s the only thing that explains her passing within such a short time. She was a sweet girl and we will miss her dearly. We fell lucky to have had her bless our lives for the time that she was in it. She was a stubborn girl who would look at you and ignore all the while doing what she wanted, but we loved her very much and will miss her greatly.
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2019 Reading List

Listing of the books I managed to consume in 2019. I would say I don’t have a lot of time on my hands and that I don’t have time to read with my job and everything else that I have going on, but I think I managed to consume a good number of books this year. Some from different genres, some technical, and some that are just books I read over and over(The Martian). Without further ado, here is my list of books for 2019:

Oath of Office
The Pacific Crucible
The devil in the white city
The Magitech Chronicles books 1-4
Mech Warriors: The complete series
The True Measure
A house Divided
The Ibarra Sanctions
Terran Strike Marines Books 1 and 2
Iron Dragoons
Ark Royal Series Books 1-12
Complete book of the SR-71
Hell Divers V
Underwater Photography Masterclass
Vengence of the Iron Dwarf
Warrior King (Odyssey One Book 5)
Odysseus Awakening (Odyssey One Book 6)
Ferrum Corde (Terran Armor Corps Book 6)
Odysseus Ascendant (Odyssey One Book 7)
Krox Rises: The Magitech Chronicles Book 5
Infinity War: Collected Edition
Nefarius: The Magitech Chronicles Book 6
The Ruins of Anthalas (The Ember War Saga Book 2)
Blood of Heroes (The Ember War Saga Book 3)
Earth Defiant (The Ember War Saga Book 4)
The Gardens of Nibiru (The Ember War Saga Book 5)
The Battle of the Void (The Ember War Saga Book 6)
The Siege of Earth (The Ember War Saga Book 7)
The Crucible (The Ember War Saga Book 8)
Cartwright’s Cavaliers (The Revelations Cycle Book 1)
Asbaran Solutions (The Revelations Cycle Book 2)
Winged Hussars (The Revelations Cycle Book 3)
The Dotari Salvation (Terran Strike Marines Book 1)
The Golden Horde (The Revelations Cycle Book 4)
Peacemaker (The Revelations Cycle Book 6)
Karma Upsilon 4 (Jim Cartwright at Large Book 1)
Valley of Loss (Jim Cartwright at Large Book 2)
Empire of Machines (Jim Cartwright at Large Book 3)
Eye of Minerva (Jim Cartwright at Large Book 4)
The Midnight Sun (The Omega War Book 2)
Rage of Winter (Terran Strike Marines Book 2)
Valdar’s Hammer (Terran Strike Marines Book 3)
Dark Moon Arisen (The Omega War Book 3)
Sinclair’s Scorpions (The Omega War Book 5)
The Beast of Eridu (Terran Strike Marines Book 4)
Til Valhalla: An Ember War Novel
When the Axe Falls (The Omega War Book 7)
Archangel One
Godswar: The Magitech Chronicles Book 7
The Xaros Reckoning (The Ember War Saga Book 9)
Alabaster Noon (The Omega War Book 12)
Armageddon (Expeditionary Force Book 8)
Renegades (Expeditionary Force Book 7)
Storm Clouds (The Guild Wars Book 1)
Hunted (Jim Cartwright at Large Book 5)
Hollow Core (School of Swords and Serpents Book 1)
Gott Mit Uns (Terran Strike Marines Book 5)
Iron Dragoons (Terran Armor Corps Book 1)
The Martian

Walt Disney World in October

As a family we made our yearly trip to WDW for Food and Wine and to have some fun in the heat and humidity. We as parents like going and our son likes to go and has a good time. At least we think he does and usually he doesn’t dissuade us from that notion. Here are some of the shots I took as we went to Epcot and Animal Kingdom.

Epcot food and Wine and of course character Meet and Greets:

Random shots from around the park.    Continue reading

My letter to Subaru of America

Dear Subaru:


This past week I purchased a brand new Subaru Outback. Unfortunately this process was not without it’s issues and problems. First off let me say that I had researched the Outback for a few months, my Father in law had one and I knew what I wanted. I had browsed the site and knew what features I wanted along with what colors and interior. So when I went looking I was looking for a very specific car:


A red Subaru Outback with Black Leather Interior, with Moonroof and Keyless Entry.


This car was difficult to find I ended up looking at all of the Southern California Dealerships and talking to all of the different internet departments at them. Some of the dealerships wanted me to custom order my car and wait until February to get it. Others wanted me to purchase site unseen a car that was close to what I wanted that they had coming in the next couple of weeks. I didn’t like any of those options.

Then the Internet Manager from Singh Subaru called and helped me out. We spoke on the phone for several minutes and I explained what I was looking for. He said I don’t have that on the lot, but I have found one that I can bring in. He said let me get back to you once I have secured the car and that it can be delivered. About an hour later he called and told me was able to secure the car and asked when I could be down. I said I will be there in an hour, he said no problem I will have the car onsite when you get here. My wife and I drove down to their dealership through traffic and everything and were very excited to see the car. When we got there we found out two things:

  1. the Internet Manager had left for the day.
  2. The Sales Manager that was there said we needed to work out a deal before he could bring the car onsite and I would have to wait until the next day to get it, if we did workout a deal.

At this point I politely told the Sales Manager that I felt we had been lied to and that there was a lack of trust on my part. He told me how he had been working on the deal all day long and that he couldn’t possibly do something like have the car on the lot without a deal in place. He also said that the Internet Manager was wrong and on and on he went.  I responded with he hadn’t been working on this that long since I had only been talking to the Internet Manager for 2 hours. However at this point my trust had been violated and I decided to leave with my wife.

During this time I had received an email from Sierra Subaru in Monrovia. As I was leaving Singh I called them and asked to make sure the car was in stock and on the lot. Michael Conquilla told me the car was there and that he would be there waiting. My wife and I drove over there which required about another hour. We got there and the car I wanted was sitting right out there in the front of the lot with a sign on it that said “Reserved for Joe Jenkins”. That brought a smile to my face and made me happy. I went into the dealership and met with Michael, over the next hour we did a test drive and came to a deal on the car and my trade-in. A couple of hours after that I was leaving the lot with my brand new Outback that had everything on it I wanted and was exactly the right color.

Lots of accolades for Sierra Subaru and I would highly recommend them if you are in the market for a new Subaru.

I write this letter just so you know how some people are treated and some of the shenanigans that were pulled. If no one tells you what goes on then there isn’t a way for you to know.

Thank you for your time,

Joseph Jenkins

Random Links for the week of 6/2/2012

This is just cool, I have always been a fan of Batman. What geek isn’t considering all of the cool toys:

Attack of the Batmobiles! [Video]

No kidding:

This is very cool:

This would have been useful information before the lunar eclipse that happened a few weeks ago:

Random Links for the week:

Sometimes fun, sometimes not:

This is such a cool idea why hasn’t someone thought of it over here:

These are on my list…. Now:

Nice Tattoo’s

Hot Harry Potter Tattoos [Pic]

Really need to take a vacation:

Disney Fantasy – Staterooms and Suites

Important things:

My son loved this site:

When to swallow your pride and when to leave?

I am facing a quandary in my career and I am not sure what to do.  I figured I would put this post together to see if I can come up with an idea as to what I should do.

First a little background:

About a year and half ago I was working for a distribution company when a Specialty Retailer Recruiter called me and asked me if I was looking for a position.  She spoke about the position and told me that it was going to be the Network Engineer who would be designing their network for the next several years.  They had a little under a 1000 nodes on their DMVPN and were committed to Cisco as their networking vendor.  I thought what the heck lets do the interviews and see where the position leads me.  I met with the then, Manager of Technical Services, Director of IT, and CIO.  During the interview process I told them about my wants and desires, I didn’t want to manage anyone, I had done that in the past and was tired of dealing with people.  They said no problem, we want someone who can troubleshoot anything we throw at them and can build our network for the future.  This included both the WAN and LAN.  After the 5 hour interview I was excited by the opportunity, the company seemed like it wanted to grow and it wanted to do things correctly moving forward.  I had an ace in the hole at that time in that one of the guys I had worked with at a previous company was working there and corroborated everything I had been told.

Flash Forward to now:

The company has hit some hard financial times.  All of the plans I had for the network were put on hold because of the financial issues for the company.  While I wasn’t happy with it, I understood that other company initiatives came first.  So I put all of my plans into a folder and set them aside for now.  Now is when it gets interesting, the IT staff has been cut in half, I am now managing a staff of 5 people and all of the people that hired me are now gone from the company.  We have a new CIO who has decided to bring in his own Network Engineering company and could care less about my designs.  The new CIO is less than interested in what the existing staff has to say, although he wants to keep us around to do the work.  The new Engineering Company while competent is only listening to what I have to say as it pertains to what they want to do and what they are comfortable doing.  My input is less than desirable and they only want me to maintain the existing infrastructure and then become the caretaker for the new infrastructure.

So my question is this:

Do I look for something new and then leave?  Do I stay where I am?  With the new CIO comes a lot of money and we are going to get Nexus 5k/2k and 5585x ASAs.  We are also getting some much needed money to do some additional logging and replace some of the older infrastructure.

Do I swallow my pride and give up design work right now, knowing that I will have a chance to learn new technology and get to implement new things?  Or do I pack up my stuff and start looking for a new job?  I still have my plans of getting my CCIE, which the company is not helping me with so that isn’t changing.

Resolutions for the New Year

I figured I would get my resolutions written down in one place. This way I have some where to go back to check on them and see what I actually accomplished if any of them.

1. get my CCIE, I passed the written back in July at Ciscolive. I have the lab scheduled and I am attending a bootcamp in a couple of weeks. I have wanted to complete this for a while and get this accomplishment under my belt.

2. Find some more clients for my fledgling consulting business. I do a little bit of work on the side now for a couple of people with their Networking and VMWare. I would like to pick up some more clients and be able to help them out.

3. Find a job where I can work from home, I am tired of commuting. I have a couple of things going right now where that might be possible. Have to see if I can make that happen this year.

4. Keep updating this blog more often with photos and posts.  I have been an avid/professional photographer at times and love to show my work. I really need to keep up with this and keep things updated. One it doesn’t let my photo skills get rusty, also writing posts won’t allow my writing skills to get rusty.

Lots of stuff to this year.  Aside from what is posted, I have quite a few other things  I would also like to learn like MPLS and do some voice work.

Lots to do, lets get this year going.