T-28 and P-51 at Planes of Fame

Over the past weekend, the Planes of Fame Air Museum decided to fly the T-28 and P-51 over the weekend. I was lucky enough to be able to go out and get some shots of the planes in the air and on the ground. It was a beautiful if a bit overcast day, but it was nice to be back in the air museum and out having fun. I was out with my A9ii and my 100-400 with the 1.4x Extender. Still working on my panning throughout the whole experience and trying to get lower my shutter speed as I keep shooting in preparation for one of the many air shows coming up.

Las Vegas Wetlands Park

I was in Vegas over the weekend staying at one of the hotels on the strip. I was looking around for places to go shooting and found out that there is a Wetlands Park where all of the reservoir water goes before it is filtered and used for other things. The park is pretty big and was an interesting place to go and shoot. This being my first time I spent quite a bit of time wandering around the park looking for things. There were several ponds all around and it made for an interesting place. My next trip out to Vegas will have me going back here and taking a look at shooting here.

Bird shooting at the Santa Ana River Trail

Sunday was super windy with gusts up to 50mph, I decided not to ride my bicycle, but go out and do some shooting along the Santa Ana River Trail. For those that don’t know this is a 50 mile long path that goes along the Santa Ana River from San Bernardino through Riverside, and Orange Counties. It ends up at Huntington Beach. After shooting at Bolsa Chica a few weeks ago I wanted to go and work on my bird photography so I set out just after sun rise and started to shoot. I had some hits and quite a few misses. While I had the wind to my back, the sun was off to the side and I needed to find a way to get the sun behind me. A lot of my shots were dark and I couldn’t get a catch light in the birds eyes because the sun was on the other side of them and me. I drove up and down along the river and got out at a couple of places to take shots. Below are some of the keepers from the day, the misses have gone to the bit bucket at this point. Just wanted to capture some things that I need to do better and need to be more cognizant.

I parked at the Yorba Regional Park and paid the 5 bucks for it. There are some nice ponds in here that the birds will stay at so it made for a nice place to start the trek, it also provides convenient bathrooms and other luxuries, vs the rest of the places I went.



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Planes on parade

With the enforced solitude, I have been going back through and editing some of the plane photos that I have taken. Here are a couple that were dark and not good looking. So I went through and punched up the colors on them to make them look better. These were both taken during the 2017 Planes of Fame Airshow. Happy with how the end results have come out and what they look like.


2017 5 6 Chino Airshow 16422017 5 6 Chino Airshow 4487

Sony A9ii Settings for airplane photography

Here are the settings that I am using for my Sony A9ii for taking pictures of airplanes while moving through the air. The lens I use for this most days is the 100-400.

Aperture – F14 or below so that Phase Detect will still work for the auto focus
Raw or JPG – RAW, since the camera is so fast it can keep up with just about anything
Metering Mode – Spot so that I can capture the frame
Shutter Speed – Trying to get as low as 1/160 for prop planes for jets as fast as possible to catch them as they fly by.
Focus Mode – Continuous + Wide with Tracking, the camera auto focus is so fast that it catches the planes pretty quickly
Exposure Compensation – usually + 2/3 if it’s dark plane on a bright sunny day, this helps bring out the colors of the plane.
Frame Rate – Continuous Mid – I find that high fills the buffer and mid gets more than enough shots.
ISO – as low as possible, unless it’s an overcast day and then I will move it to Auto-Iso to maintain the shutter speed when needed.