Planes of Fame A6M5 Zero

Planes of Fame flew their Zero a few weeks ago, unfortunately the day was overcast and foggy and the aerial images weren’t the best. I took a few of it on the ground and did the best I could with those in the air. This is a famous zero that has been in movies and has the honor of being the last original one. The day was very hazy, but I was out there with my A9ii and 200-600 with 1.4x tele extender. I ended up using quite a bit of dehaze in Lightroom to get the shots to look anywhere near decent. Beautiful plane would have loved for the day to have been better.

2021 Props and Hops Beer Festival

This past weekend I attended the Props and Hops festival down at the Palm Springs Air Museum. What more could you ask for beer and warbirds. I didn’t take my full camera kit as we were only in one part of the museum. However I did mess around with some shots during the festival with my iPhone. Being up close with an F-14 Tomcat was kind of nice. Also the beer was really good to, need to make some more trips down to desert as there are some nice places.

2021 Pacific Airshow

This year I was able to go to the Pacific Airshow in Huntington Beach. These are some of the shots from Saturday at the 2021 Pacific Airshow before the oil slick caused it be canceled. I wish the airshow hadn’t gotten canceled, but I understand the issue and why it was. I was shooting from the beach with my A9ii and the 200-600 lens. I think next year I will try shooting from the pier along with the beach on the multiple days. It should make for an interesting shoot. The sun was rough for some of the shots because it was directly behind the planes.

P-40 Warhawk flyover at Planes of Fame

Saturday Planes of Fame did another one of their flyovers. This time it was their war tested P-40 Warhawk that had seen in action in WW2. They took the plane up and did a couple of passes over the crowd.

Corsair F4U-1A

Planes of Fame flew their Corsair F4U-1A over a couple of days last week. It was nice to see the plane up in the air, took some pictures of it and then edited them in Lightroom. Still out practicing getting ready for the first airshows of the season that will be coming up soon. Rally excited for Airshows to be happening again and looking forward to being out seeing the planes fly.

Corsair in the Air and Photo Edit

Planes of Fame, took their Corsair up into the air last year before the pandemic. I was out shooting it from the ground and decided to go back through and edit some of the photos. Unfortunately for California we don’t get anything fun for the sky except blue and bright. Below is the shot as I originally took it, kind of dark and not very attractive. This was with the A6500 and the 100-400 lens. This was a handhold at 1/320 as the plane was going overheard.

Below is after I did an auto apply for settings and then tweaked the exposure a little bit. I also cropped in and then added a little vignette to bring the plane into the center.

T-28 and P-51 at Planes of Fame

Over the past weekend, the Planes of Fame Air Museum decided to fly the T-28 and P-51 over the weekend. I was lucky enough to be able to go out and get some shots of the planes in the air and on the ground. It was a beautiful if a bit overcast day, but it was nice to be back in the air museum and out having fun. I was out with my A9ii and my 100-400 with the 1.4x Extender. Still working on my panning throughout the whole experience and trying to get lower my shutter speed as I keep shooting in preparation for one of the many air shows coming up.

Planes on parade

With the enforced solitude, I have been going back through and editing some of the plane photos that I have taken. Here are a couple that were dark and not good looking. So I went through and punched up the colors on them to make them look better. These were both taken during the 2017 Planes of Fame Airshow. Happy with how the end results have come out and what they look like.


2017 5 6 Chino Airshow 16422017 5 6 Chino Airshow 4487