Other shots from the airshow.

Happy with most of these, of course they could always be better and they will be at the next air show. Learned a lot shooting this time. Most of these were done with the Sony 70-400 lens on my a6300. Going to look at some of the other long lenses for my camera. I had to use the e to a mount adapter from Sony. All of it worked well there are some limitations, although those limitations could have been my own inexperience shooting planes in motion. Will know more the next time I shoot at an air show.

2015 Chino Air Show

I did the early morning photo pass for the airshow which gave me access into the show before anyone else showed up. I did the same thing last year and had a blast just going out and shooting the airplanes in the early morning and talking with other photographers/plane enthusiasts. The photo pass also includes admission into the air show which I was actually less than enthused with as I had been to the airshow for the last couple of years and actually get to see most of it from my backyard. I did go back to the airshow to catch the F-22 Raptor flying through the air and also joining into the Heritage Flight at the end.