Weekend Spent Scuba Diving

This last weekend I had the pleasure of getting to Scuba Dive all day Saturday at Shaw’s Cove in Laguna Beach.  It was a really nice day to be out in the water.  We did one dive as part of our Dive Master course and then the other 2 were part of our Search and Recovery.  The S&R is a lot of fun getting to play with lift bags and raise stuff up from the bottom of the ocean.  The hardest part of the whole weekend was really just going up and down the stairs to get into and out of the water.  An escalator would make the whole process so much easier, but I guess that isn’t environmentally friendly.

After 3 dives I was happy to get out of the water and be able to dry off and warm up.  Unfortunately since I was in classes all weekend I didn’t get to take any pictures, but the visibility was great and the waves were less than a foot on the beach.

Underwater Navigation Course

In my pursuit for my Dive Master certification I decided to take the Underwater Navigation course. The course consisted of 1 class session, 1 pool session, and in my case 2 ocean dives. The class session was a couple of hours just mostly going through the book and the knowledge reviews you were supposed to have done. We also did a little bit of house keeping and administrative stuff at that time.

At a later date we had the pool session which was really nothing more than the Instructor testing out our skills and making sure we were comfortable in the water. We then spent the rest of the pool session out on dry land practicing our compass work. I had purchased a wrist mounted compass for this course thinking that would be better to use than a console one. I had some problems with my console compass not being able to come up far enough for me to read it with the lanyard for it. The wrist compass however turned out to not be a great option and I think I will be switching over to a compass on a retractor. We spent several hours on land mapping out courses and doing different exercises. It had been a long time since I had done any compass work so it was really good to get comfortable with doing it again.

We then did two dives at North Crescent Bay in Laguna. The first one we did a 100 foot swim so we could figure out our length for a kick cycle, this would then play into the rest of the tasks we would do for the class. We then followed a mapped out course that we had been provided with ahead of time and written on our slates. After doing that a couple of times we then got out switched tanks and went back in and followed a course that had tags out on the ground that had been setup ahead of time by the dive instructor. The tags were set with a heading and a distance. We had two courses, one that was shorter and then one that was really long. The shorter course was a little easier to follow, the longer course I had some issues with getting off by a few degrees and then not being able to find the next tag after 160ft.

Overall this was a great course and I highly recommend for anyone that needs 1 a refresher for compass work or 2 is working on their Dive Master cert.


Diving while at Epcot at the Living Seas

Dove while we were in Epcot at the Seas aquarium. Really beautiful place to dive and very easy to dive. Felt like a big fish hanging around in there and got to interact with the people on the other side of the glass. I also got to come face to face with the following: Sea Turtles, Eels, Sharks of a couple of different varieties and lots of fish. We get to be part of the show and for a short time get to be Disney Cast Members, but not get paid. The aquarium holds about 6 million gallons of water and it was really a great experience. It is a no touch dive so you can’t touch anything but the coral(fake) and then bottom of the tank. Aside from that you can follow around with anything else that you want to. There are Dolphins in a side pen, but they aren’t allowed in the big pen because they tend to harass and bother the other fish and animals. I guess the turtles don’t like it when they play spin the turtle or volleyball with other fish.